Dr. Raquel Portugal Reis received her DDS degree from Goias State University, Brazil, in 1984, where she practiced general dentistry for 5 years. She relocated in the United States of America in 1989. She took her National Dental Boards and enrolled for the residency study program at Northwestern University Dental School for three years, where she graduated in 1992 at the top of her class. Since graduating Dr Reis has devoted most of her time to cosmetic dentistry. She has participated in many nationwide and internationally known courses with well respected speakers in this area.

Courses taken:

- Dr. David Hornbook (from Center for Advanced Clinical Education)

- Dr. Dickerson (from Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies),

- Dr. William Nopper (from Cosmodent Continuing Education Institute),

- Dr. Newton Fahl (Curitiba-Brazil),

- Dr. George Freedman (International lecture, Author Toronto, Canada),

- Dr. Ross Nash (from Nash Institute Charlotte, NC),

- Dr. Larry Rosenthal (from Director Aesthetic Advantaged, New York),

- Dr. Gordon Christensen (from CRA Foundation, UT),

- Dr. David Garber (from Atlanta Group).

Dr. Reis is more than a fellow in cosmetic dentistry and is very thankful for the people that have helped her achieve her goals. Recently she has taken the Vermilion Dollar Lip continuing course, which will earn her a VDL master certificate in dermal fillers, Botulinus toxin (Botox), spa dentistry, and laser techniques. Her passion for facial aesthetics has taken her to this exciting new field in dentistry.

She is a member of the American Dental Association, Chicago Dental Society, Illinois State Dental Society and International Association of Dentists.

She provides the newest technology to her patients, including low radiation digital x-rays, intraoral and extra oral photography and digital imaging, visual magnification, and the best dental materials at her office.

She believes, “If a dentist does not have the right tools, even with the highest skill level, you cannot provide state of the art service in cosmetic dentistry. Time, attention, and personalized service makes all the difference.”